My name is Jax. I have an unconventional view of things that surprisingly tends to make sense. I also like to rant. And I am a social media marketing specialist. Combine the three and you have this blog.

I’m also a word-nerd and total computer geek.

I am super enthusiastic and incredibly energetic, especially when it comes to internet marketing, social media, web design, freelance writing, and technology, which is why I mainly talk about those topics.

The “Social Media Mercenary” blog came out of a combination of my freelancing business and my need to talk about marketing topics with people who actually wanted to listen!

You see, I’m a freelancer who finds most of my clients online and figured a website where I teach people and discuss relevant information might kind of be necessary for that sort of thing. Also, most of my “real” friends don’t really care about online business, social media marketing, etc… so I needed a place to publish my rants and ideas before they beat me with my own laptop.

This is the result. Enjoy! :)

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