SEO Strategies – What Works and What Doesn’t

SEO strategies are dynamic, some techniques that were effective just a year or two ago are no longer in use. But currently, there are many strategies being employed to boost website rankings and visibility on search engines, and also draw more traffic. For example, some SEO gurus will advise you to spam your site so as to get on the top of search engine, but this will not work, why? Search engine bots are so advanced to differentiate dummy site from worthwhile site, and will not value spam. The following are useful SEO strategies that will boost your sites ranking on popular search engines.

Always write good content.

This is one of the best strategy. Content without proper structure is like a king without a crown. Always create good content for human, not search engine. Search engines should understand your content properly, this underscores the importance of posting relevant and useful content.

Good content will encourage seasoned bloggers and other websites to link to your site, further boosting search engine ranking.

It is healthy to update your content regularly, people love fresh content.

Social media.

Social media is the best platform where you can promote your business. The importance of social media has drastically increased, and can actually determine your site ranking on search engine. Do a very smart campaign on social media to generate more leads.

Do keywords research and analysis.

No matter what you are trying to do, you should wisely chose and use the right keywords. You can use Google Analytic tool to come up with the best keywords and key phrase that best suits your site.

Avoid using one or two words as the keyword. Use tools such as AdWords Keyword Planner and Word-tracker to find relevant niche key phrases with low competition yet high search volume.

Avoiding keyword stuffing, it can get you blacklisted.

Quality link building.

Link building is among the best way to improve keyword ranking. Search engines rank websites better if they are linked to by other reputable sites. The quality of backlink matter, and not number of backlinks. Use .edu and .gov backlinks because they have more weight than other backlinks.

In case you get penalized by any search engine, take time to do auditing of your site and get rid of any irrelevant and unnatural backlinks. In addition, host your site with a reputable webhosting company. Make sure you either don’t get penalized or are able to recover by using the aid of seo des moines iowa to do everything correctly.

Avoid duplicates.

Search engines don’t like sites that contains same content. Pages with copied content get poor ranking.

No doubt, if you implement these Search Engine Optimization strategies, your site will get better ranking.

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