Social Media Marketing and Advertising

I read a great post on Web Worker Daily today, “How Can Advertising Work on the Social Web.”

In it, the author had some great ideas for businesses looking to break into social media marketing.

But are big businesses missing the point?

While I’m all for various Social Media platforms making money, it seems that with all the recent talk of advertising, many big businesses are missing the point.

Social media is about so much more than just getting your name out. It’s about conversations and finding content and sharing content and communicating.

When I’m participating in a social media platform/communication channel – I’m not looking for ads. I’m looking for other customers to tell me their thoughts on a product and for the business to aggregate how different people use it.

While I think some smaller companies like 37 signals and Remember the Milk follow your guidelines above, and even some bigger companies, like Best Buy and Dell, it seems like the majority are just looking for a new venue to shout at consumers.

Outbound Style Marketing on Social Media

Personally, I end up doing the same with with ads on Facebook or Hootsuite Lite on my iPod, that I do with most commercials and direct mail marketing – completely ignore it.

Granted, sometimes thing catch my eye, but it’s rare. For the most part, I don’t pay attention to it, I don’t click on it, to me it’s just white space.

A Happy Middle

Obviously, giving up on all “traditional” marketing techniques would be silly. The ideal is to integrate the two. Of course, easier said then done. I’d recommend taking your traditional marketing technique with the lowest ROI, slashing it’s budget, then putting the money towards investigating and implementing new social media techniques.

I’m hoping that businesses take your advice listed above and start to really integrate some inbound marketing and see advertising on social media platforms as an extra, but we’ll see.

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