How to Choose the Best Home Based Business Opportunities

There are a lot of choices of home based business opportunities that you can find over the internet today. We all dream of the home business lifestyle, but how do we know what to choose from all the options? Let’s discuss that…

In the midst of an ever-evolving economy, most companies are compelled to streamline their manpower resources with which many were left underemployed and unfortunately, others were forced to become unemployed. The internet explosion has indeed paved a way for the home based business revolution which fortunately opened up income opportunities that saved many who have been hit hard by a distressing economy.

Thankfully, this phenomenal explosion has made finding other means of living easier than it used to be, through the increasing choices of home based business opportunities. More and more individuals have found financial refuge by starting a home business through the internet.

Today, there is an abundance of legitimate home based business opportunities that one can find over the internet. All you have to do is to find diligently a smart choice that requires a relatively low start-up capital which you can get started easily and manage on your own. You can find a home based business idea that could be right for you from among the many opportunities that include: Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and other internet-based business that one can simply do at home.

As we have different interests, not all home-based business opportunities may be best for you. The following tips may help you find a home based business idea that will work for you:

Choose a company that has been around for years – A company that has existed for many years displays financial and leadership stability.

Choose a company with a unique product – A unique product that has an established demand will likely assure you of a business that will last for years.

Choose a product that you are passionate about – It is easy to sell a product that you are passionate about. A product that you have a natural interest in may incredibly make a big difference in pushing and promoting it enthusiastically.

Evaluate the compensation plan – There are many types of compensation plans. A fair and sensible pay plan that pays on time may be the best plan for you.

It does not matter what type of home based business you take, just be focused and look for those fit well with your interests and skills. Do some research on your competitors and find the products that your competitors are not yet able to offer and you are truly able to establish your unique selling proposition.

Virtual Real Estate Investing: 3 Assumptions to Avoid

As a social media consultant, I get a lot of questions about virtual real estate investing, and I also see a lot mistakes people make. If you are planning to invest in virtual real estate, you are going to want to earn cash, based on the type of risk you will be taking. Furthermore, you are also going to want to minimize the amount of time that you will be spending on the online property. So as to accomplish this, you will need to make smart choices before purchasing the site. As a real estate investor, your main aim should be to get as close as you can to these optimal scenarios.

With that said, here are 3 assumptions that you should avoid when getting into the real estate market (online or offline).

Thinking Virtual Real Estate is Not a Risky Investment

All types of real estate investment opportunities are risky in nature. Development of land, real estate and TIC (Tenant In Common) investments, fixer uppers, private real estate funds and other real estate investing opportunities, all have a rather risky profile when compared to the purchase of an already established cash-flow investment property. For instance, if you are planning to be selling a house as an investment property you would need to make sure there weren’t any hidden issues beyond the obvious fixes, look at taxes, zoning, comparable properties, the market health, and MANY more things. In almost all of the above mentioned investment opportunities, you might end up not getting any of your money back because so many things might go wrong. Thus, if you are planning to invest in real estate, then you should consider taking a fee simple title. Additionally, you will also be expected to test, analyze and review reports so as to make a lower-risk real estate decision.

Assuming Virtual Real Estate Does Not Require Managing or a Lot of Time

There are some properties which will require a little bit extra time and effort so as to make the great investments. Good examples include, low quality properties which are situated in bad areas, vacation rentals and college rentals. Nice and boring properties which have been rented to decent credit profile tenants for a long duration take the very least time to manage. Furthermore, treating tenants in a fairly and a more respectable manner will ensure that you maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Presuming Real Estate Pays on a Cash-on-Cash Basis

When purchasing a property, you will be taking cash out of your liquid assets, such as bonds and stock, and then investing them, in an extremely liquid asset i.e real estate. If you were earning a return rate of 4 to 6 per cent on your financial assets, then you should strive to earn reasonable cash on cash return rates. However, to achieve this, you will need to avoid those prize properties which are negative and instead purchase cash flow positive properties which will earn you decent returns.

What to look for When Hiring Professional Catering Service

Whether you are planning for a business event, a company seminar, social media marketing training, your wedding or any other special event, it is always advisable to look for the best catering service to take care of the guests. Remember that you want a service provider who is going to meet the dietary needs of all your attendees. And they will probably be discussing the event through social media so you want to keep them happy.

Before enlisting the AMES IA food catering services of any caterer out there, you need to observe a few basic things that will help you find a professional service that is best suited to your needs. Avoid settling on the first service provider you come across during your search.

The rule of the thumb says that whenever you are hiring a catering service you have to make thorough comparison before signing any contract. In fact, there are many catering services out there, but not all of them can be able to meet your needs. You should not be afraid to ask questions as this will help you make an informed decision. Before making a final decision, you need to ask for some references. Actually, you want the best caterer for your particular event.

To begin with, you need to set your budget before going out to look for food catering service. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to start looking for service providers before drafting their budgets. Remember there are many other things that need to be financed just to make your event a success. So, you need to set aside the amount of money you are planning to spend on catering, and therefore look for a service provider who is willing to work under your budget.

Next, you have to interrogate several caterers before settling on one. This is important because you want the best of the best. So, embark on a serious search in order to find at least 3 catering companies in your area. Consider scheduling appointments with them so that you can painstakingly interview them. It is important to go with a list of questions to ask your prospective caterers during the interview session.

Some of the things you need to inquire about included experience and qualifications of the chefs working with the catering company. Make sure the cooks are highly trained and can be able to prepare any kind of food you want. If possible, ask for certificates in order to ascertain that they have been to catering schools. When it comes to experience, look for a catering company that has been around for many years.

Nut-shelled, planning for any event requires a great deal of forethought. In fact, there are many decisions to be made and one of the most important is finding the right food catering services. It is advisable to interrogate your potential caterer fully before sealing any deal with them. This way, you will be sure that you are working with professionals who will make your event a success.

How to Select the Best Insurance Company

Insurance is an important thing for most people today. This program can help them protect their assets properly. There are several types of insurance companies that are available these days. Those insurance plans are usually used for protecting home, life, car, business, property, and many other assets. All people should learn how they can select the best plan for themselves. It is a good idea to compare some available plans for selecting the best one easily. This article is going to share some useful tips on how to select the best company today.

1. Read some reviews

This is the first thing that people should do. They should read some reviews from other customers. These reviews are very useful to help all customers select the best insurance company for themselves. All potential customers are able to read these testimonials from many resources, for example newspaper, blogs, websites, magazines, and many other places. Some of these customer reviews usually contain some pros and cons about certain insurance companies.

2. Find out some available plans

Don’t forget to compare all available plans. There are a lot of insurance plans that come with their own premium, payment method, and many other options, for example family plan, annual premium, monthly premium, and many other flexible options. By comparing some available plans, all customers are able to select the best program for themselves. They should contact some insurance companies, so they can compare their programs easily.

3. Read the policy carefully

This is another important thing that all people should do today. They should compare some available insurance companies. It is a good idea to check out their terms and conditions. Different companies may have their own policy. All customers have to read any policy documents, so they can get maximum benefits from their insurance plans. Insurance policy usually contains all important information and details about the program.

They are some useful tips on how to find out the best insurance company Ames Iowa today. After finding the best company, it is a good idea to join the best plan today. Finding the right plan is very useful to help all customers protect their assets easily. It is not difficult to select the right company these days. There are a lot of insurance options that are available on the market now. It is recommended for all people to have proper insurance program for themselves and their family. Good insurance plan is very useful for most people these days.

Benefits of an Asset Factoring Company for Businesses

Do you still wait up to around 60-90+ days to get paid for your freight bills? The CJM Financial trucking factor company can help you acquire your freight bills faster in an efficient manner. They usually finance your freight bills and load your bank within 24 hours. Factoring in transportation provides people owning a trucking company or a freight brokerage with an easier way of getting paid quickly. This helps these owners to finance their businesses without having to wait for around two months.

With a good transportation factoring company, one can plan for the future of his trucking company because he has a predictable cash flow system. The transportation factoring companies eliminate the worries caused by the uncertainty of waiting brokers and customers to pay you after a particular period. Just like other forms of financial factoring, freight factoring is actually easy to acquire and can be set up in a few days.

There are procedures followed in transportation factoring just like any other financial factoring system. First, you must deliver the freight load to your customer. Secondly, you send the freight bill to the customer and submit a copy to a transportation factoring company. The company has to prove that the goods have been delivered to the customer and there is no issue. That is, the customer is completely gratified.

After that, the freight factoring company can then advance the funds. Normally, they advance the money immediately after they confirm the status of the delivery. You don’t have to worry of when the customer will pay, that is up to the factoring company now. However, the transaction is considered fully settled when the customer relays funds to the company.

There are quite a number of freight factoring companies out there with each one promising you quality services. Several factors will help you choose the factoring company that suits your business needs. Licensing, professionalism, experience, procedures followed, the average time you wait before you get the funds, the premium rates among other factors are just a few of the factors you might consider before going for a particular company.

Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing for Promoting A Business

Many business owners are looking for the best ways to promote their products and services. There are some useful tips that they can use, so they can increase their business performance. Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods that can be used to promote a business easily.

There are some popular social media sites that are available on the Internet these days, for example YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, Pinterest, and some other famous sites. Promoting a business via these social media sites can bring a lot of benefits for all business owners. Here are some advantages that people can get from this marketing method.

1. Increase brand awareness

This is the main benefit of the social media marketing campaign. This method is very useful to increase the brand awareness of any companies. There are a lot of active users on some popular social media sites. It is very important for all business owners to get access to these active users. They can become potential users for certain products or services. Promoting a business via social media sites can increase the brand awareness very quickly.

2. Get feedback from the customers easily

It is very easy to get feedback from the customers on the social media sites. Most of these sites allow their users to comment on any products or services freely. They are able to write honest reviews about their favorite items from certain companies. All business owners can get benefits by looking at these customer reviews. They can understand the insights from their customers easily when they are using this marketing method.

3. Good social media campaign can impact the search result

This benefit is useful for people who also use search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Good social media campaign can bring positive impacts on the search result. It can be used to increase any websites’ ranking on the search engine. It is very useful to rank high on the search engine. When people are able to rank their sites on the search engine, they should be able to get free visitors from these search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and some other popular sites.

4. Gain competitive advantage

This is another benefit that is offered by social media marketing campaign. It can help people get competitive advantage over their competitors. Not all business owners know about this marketing method. There are a lot of local business owners who cannot get access to this campaign. When people want to win the competition on the market, they should use many different marketing methods, including this method.

5. Reduce marketing expenses

Some people are interested with this marketing campaign because of this reason. Using social media sites as promotion tools can reduce the marketing expenses significantly. It is very affordable to promote any business on some social media sites today. When people only have limited budget for advertising their products and services, they can use this marketing method easily.

They are some benefits that people can get from this marketing method. It is important to collaborate all social media sites for promoting any business today. It is also a good idea to hire a professional online marketing service company. This company usually offers social media marketing campaign for its clients. Hiring this service is very useful to save time and money when promoting a business via some popular sites.

SEO Strategies – What Works and What Doesn’t

SEO strategies are dynamic, some techniques that were effective just a year or two ago are no longer in use. But currently, there are many strategies being employed to boost website rankings and visibility on search engines, and also draw more traffic. For example, some SEO gurus will advise you to spam your site so as to get on the top of search engine, but this will not work, why? Search engine bots are so advanced to differentiate dummy site from worthwhile site, and will not value spam. The following are useful SEO strategies that will boost your sites ranking on popular search engines.

Always write good content.

This is one of the best strategy. Content without proper structure is like a king without a crown. Always create good content for human, not search engine. Search engines should understand your content properly, this underscores the importance of posting relevant and useful content.

Good content will encourage seasoned bloggers and other websites to link to your site, further boosting search engine ranking.

It is healthy to update your content regularly, people love fresh content.

Social media.

Social media is the best platform where you can promote your business. The importance of social media has drastically increased, and can actually determine your site ranking on search engine. Do a very smart campaign on social media to generate more leads.

Do keywords research and analysis.

No matter what you are trying to do, you should wisely chose and use the right keywords. You can use Google Analytic tool to come up with the best keywords and key phrase that best suits your site.

Avoid using one or two words as the keyword. Use tools such as AdWords Keyword Planner and Word-tracker to find relevant niche key phrases with low competition yet high search volume.

Avoiding keyword stuffing, it can get you blacklisted.

Quality link building.

Link building is among the best way to improve keyword ranking. Search engines rank websites better if they are linked to by other reputable sites. The quality of backlink matter, and not number of backlinks. Use .edu and .gov backlinks because they have more weight than other backlinks.

In case you get penalized by any search engine, take time to do auditing of your site and get rid of any irrelevant and unnatural backlinks. In addition, host your site with a reputable webhosting company. Make sure you either don’t get penalized or are able to recover by using the aid of seo des moines iowa to do everything correctly.

Avoid duplicates.

Search engines don’t like sites that contains same content. Pages with copied content get poor ranking.

No doubt, if you implement these Search Engine Optimization strategies, your site will get better ranking.

Why I Never Do My Most Important Task First

I know, I know. According to like every productivity blog ever, we’re supposed to do our Most Important Task (or MIT) first. Which sounds great-in theory

Problem 1: I Need to Get Into My Work Groove

I’m an early riser. I’m on a weird schedule where I sleep like 3-4 hours at night and then take a nap in the afternoon. It works for me. That’s not the point.

The point is that despite being an early riser, I’m not one of those people who wakes up raring to go and ready to work. I envy those people. I need some time to wake up, and get into the whole work mindset. And I don’t mean just shower-breakfast-coffee. I need something to trigger me to say “ok, Leslie ,it’s office hours now.”

Problem 2: Anxiety!

I know the whole point of doing your MIT first is that you’re not crippled with anxiety and all that, but honestly? By not spending the 5 minutes to at least SCAN for something important leaves me with a feeling of dread that something will go wrong and I’ll be caught off guard.
Problem 3: If I Don’t Do It Then, I Won’t Get It Done

Seriously, if I don’t check my email inbox like 3 times a day (morning, noon, night) and take care of everything, I’ll get overwhelmed by a full inbox and try to hide from it. And that doesn’t help-more email will just pile up and make the whole thing scarier. Plus, I’ll make people mad.

How I Make It Work for Me

I start every day by scanning my email inbox, checking my analytics reports, answering any blog comments, and going through my feed reader.

And yes, if you’re not careful this can easily turn into an all day affair, but I’ve figured out some ways around that.

Prep the Night Before – Clean Out the Inbox Before You Leave

I set a time everyday that I stop working. I might work on some personal, but work related projects after that, but it’s personal projects only. An hour before that time, I go through and clear out my inbox, respond to anything I need to (ok, I’ll be honest. Sometimes I get distracted and skip this part. But usually I do it.). I do any financial admin type work, such as invoicing and making sure my income and expenses are update to date in my accounting tool, check my calendar for tomorrow, and schedule anything else in the remaining time.

By doing this, when I check my email in the morning, the vast majority of it is done. It really is just anything urgent and maybe some people who are in an earlier time zone. Take care of that and I’m go to go.

Prep the Night Before-Schedule Your Day

By checking my calendar and planning my day the night before, I know EXACTLY what’s on my plate. It’s much harder to get lost in the sea of “reactionary” work when you KNOW you have shit to do. Without a guide, it’s easy to say “oh, I’ll just read a few more posts” or “oh, I’ll investigate these analytics a little farther.” With a plan, I still might say that, but I’ll stop myself because I’ll remember “oh yea, later.”
Set a Timer

Tying into that last point, if you set a timer, it gives you a much better handle on how long you’re spending on that type of stuff. It’s easy for time just to fly by when you’re going through your feed reader or Instapaper. Set a timer and stick to it. Cut yourself off, move on to an important task, and get back to it later.

How to Decide Which Technique Is Right for You

Personally, that’s what works best for me. But it might not work for you.

Ask yourself some questions, like “do I work best first thing in the morning?” and you’ll have a much better idea. Because really, no one can tell you what the best way for you to do work is. Except for you know, you. And your mother. That’s part of her job. Whether she’s right or not, it’s part of her job.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

I read a great post on Web Worker Daily today, “How Can Advertising Work on the Social Web.”

In it, the author had some great ideas for businesses looking to break into social media marketing.

But are big businesses missing the point?

While I’m all for various Social Media platforms making money, it seems that with all the recent talk of advertising, many big businesses are missing the point.

Social media is about so much more than just getting your name out. It’s about conversations and finding content and sharing content and communicating.

When I’m participating in a social media platform/communication channel – I’m not looking for ads. I’m looking for other customers to tell me their thoughts on a product and for the business to aggregate how different people use it.

While I think some smaller companies like 37 signals and Remember the Milk follow your guidelines above, and even some bigger companies, like Best Buy and Dell, it seems like the majority are just looking for a new venue to shout at consumers.

Outbound Style Marketing on Social Media

Personally, I end up doing the same with with ads on Facebook or Hootsuite Lite on my iPod, that I do with most commercials and direct mail marketing – completely ignore it.

Granted, sometimes thing catch my eye, but it’s rare. For the most part, I don’t pay attention to it, I don’t click on it, to me it’s just white space.

A Happy Middle

Obviously, giving up on all “traditional” marketing techniques would be silly. The ideal is to integrate the two. Of course, easier said then done. I’d recommend taking your traditional marketing technique with the lowest ROI, slashing it’s budget, then putting the money towards investigating and implementing new social media techniques.

I’m hoping that businesses take your advice listed above and start to really integrate some inbound marketing and see advertising on social media platforms as an extra, but we’ll see.